I believe in honesty, fairness and respect in all aspects of my life.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, stick to my guns, make decisions, find solutions and get things done.

Everything Tracey does in life and business comes from her deep-rooted belief in honesty, fairness and respect.

She strives to be open-minded and willing to listen to other people’s viewpoint – even if it does not coincide with hers – and she always attempts to take all opinions into account.

But you are unlikely to find her sitting on the fence when a decision needs to be made. She knows her own mind and she’s not afraid to trust her own instincts to move things forward.

Nor is she afraid to stick to her guns – she wears her heart on her sleeve and people are left in no doubt about where she stands on issues. Tracey detests bullying or aggression and believes arrogance is for losers.

She believes everyone is equal and makes an equally valid contribution to the team.

The value she puts on fairness and equality has been key to building the team she has around her and fostering each individuals sense of ownership of their joint goals and their enthusiasm for achieving them.

Tracey continues to get a buzz out of motivating those around her to follow her on the journey to success and be the best they can be.

She is always striving to be the best she can be. Tracey is 100 per cent motivated to use everything in her kitbag to move forward and to drive positive change for her clients to help them achieve a better, brighter, more successful future.


From trainee reporter to co-founder of an independent newspaper, with stops as internet editor and chief sub-editor along the way, Tracey is now reinventing herself as a business mentor and life coach, designer, marketing consultant and social media manager.


It’s no surprise that all her years in journalism Tracey can tell a good story and drum up a design which speaks a thousand words. But what really lights her fire is empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to break down the barriers standing between them and success.


Tracey describes herself as a family-loving mad cat lady with a penchant for names beginning with K. She can often be found knee-deep in horse poo. She is a self-confessed TV box set binger with a weird nostalgia for literary kings, 80s rock gods and country and western crooners.