I’m a family-loving mad cat woman who likes to think I beat the Kardashians in the ‘K’ name game. I can often be found knee-deep in horse poo.
I am a box set binger with a weird nostalgia for 80s rock gods and country and western crooners as well as an undying love for a literary King.

Although most people would probably describe Tracey as a career girl, she is also a homebird and family is everything to her.

She loves spending time playing silly games, drawing pictures and making things with her two daughters, Florence and Eleanor, and when she’s not doing that she is most likely to be found knee deep in horse poo, mucking out the two horses she keeps at stables behind her mum’s home.

Tally – a 40th birthday present from her mum – is Tracey’s treasure, even though she’s a bit temperamental.

When the yard chores are done and it’s time to come inside and take to the sofa, you’ll often find Tracey in the company of her four cats, Klaude, Kaila, Kiefer and Kiki. The ‘K’ name tradition for her cats pre-dates the Kardashians finding fame – there’s also been Kaede, Keiko, Kira and Kenny dating back to when she first moved to Peterborough in the mid-90s.

While the cats curl up on her lap, Tracey will often have her nose in a book – or more precisely her Kindle app.

She’s a big fan of Stephen King and an avid reader of just about anything by James Patterson and Lee Child, as well as a fan of Dean Koontz and Michael Connelly.

But as well as her fiction favourites, Tracey usually has a non-fiction title on the go too – eagerly ingesting everything from instruction on how to improve her riding to self-improvement and entrepreneurial advice.

In between books, Tracey can also whittle away a few hours bingeing on a box set. She happily confesses that Game of Thrones, West World, The Fall, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Strike Back, Man in the High Tower, The Leftovers, Fortitude and Banshee – to name but a few – have taken up way too much of her time in the past year or so.

Guilty TV pleasures also include Casualty and Holby City. She’s still sad that they don’t make The Bill anymore!

Tracey describes her taste in music as nostalgic and a bit weird, ranging from Robbie Williams, Adele and Take That to 80s rock gods Bon Jovi, through Erasure, Meatloaf and The Beautiful South, to Britpop icons Oasis and Pulp to The Eagles, Bread, The Carpenters, Eva Cassidy and Kenny Rogers. Oh, and now forgetting Barry Manilow and Queen. 


Tracey believes in honesty, fairness and respect in all aspects of her life. She wears her heart on her sleeve, sticks to her my guns, makes decisions, finds solutions and get things done. She is always striving to be the best she  can be and to help others do the same.


From trainee reporter to co-founder of an independent newspaper, with stops as internet editor and chief sub-editor along the way, Tracey is now reinventing herself as a business mentor and life coach, designer, marketing consultant and social media manager.


It’s no surprise that all her years in journalism Tracey can tell a good story and drum up a design which speaks a thousand words. But what really lights her fire is empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to break down the barriers standing between them and success.